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Cambiamo per te

Cari Clienti! A causa dello sviluppo dinamico della nostra azienda, abbiamo deciso di rinnovare il profilo di nostra azienda Silvexcraft.

La cura per la professionalità è diventata un passo verso ulteriori cambiamenti. Vi invitiamo a leggere i dettagli.

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Sklep Silvexcraft


Dear Customers


In order to meet your expectations we are pleased to announce that we extended our offer by offering a new type of stones - natural gemstones and semi-precious stones by GAVBARI:


The offered semi-precious stones: quartz, chrysoprase, onyx, jadeite, carneol, chalcedon and tiger's eye have the same shape, size and a very similar cut to the popular Swarovski Rivoli 1122 crystals 12 mm, so they are excellent alternative to them. The stones are polished by hand by specialists with several decades of experience, using a faceted cut that brings out the extraordinary brilliance and the greatest advantages of the stones, emphasizing the intensity of the color and the amazing reflection of light in many planes.


The gemstones included in the offer - ruby, emerald and sapphire: are one of the most desirable jewels by women, because of their rarity, color, shine and hardness which makes them extremely durable. Available in the form of beads they provide unlimited possibilities to create individual designs and jewellery sets that are fashionable throughout the year.


The wide range of colors of GAVBARI natural stones will certainly enrich your collections. The jewellery will gain a unique character because each stone was created by nature, so each one is different, beautiful and unique.

We cordially invite you to get familiar with our most recent offer, as well as to read article:, in which we describe in detail the unique features and properties of natural stones.


Best regards